The Mindset Delta Meditation Course 8 Weeks to learn to meditate and change your mindset.  

Reduce the stress that you feel, calm and manage your anxiety, improve sleep, channel anger more effectively, relax, rest, find inner peace and even become more spiritual.

Apply to this online retreat and learn to meditate.

Mindset Delta Meditation course
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What do you do in the 8-week course? 

You learn to meditate over the course of 8 weeks. Each week features a different theme, focused on one aspect that can help you in terms of meditation, but also to relax, rest, be more mindful, and more. 

It's like an online retreat where you learn to meditate, get support from your fellow course participants, and improve your life all at once. 

Mindset Delta Meditation Course
Mindset Delta Meditation Course

Understand basic meditation techniques.

Come back to the breath. Breathe.

mindset delta meditation course
mindset delta meditation course

Engage in self-love. Understand non-judgment.

Movement meditations can help deepen your practice.

mindset delta meditation course
mindset delta meditation course

Get that deep rest you crave.

Practice forgiveness. Of self and others. 

mindset delta meditation course
mindset delta meditation course

Breathe with the heart.

Respect yourself. Change your paradigm. 

Mindset Delta is an on-demand course. Participate in live, small group meditation/coaching sessions.

Do your practice anywhere and anytime.

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What results can you expect?

Feeling More Calm

When you learn to meditate, you learn to breathe and come back to the breath. 

Whether life is calm, or when life is hectic, learn to find your "center" more quickly. 

More Accepting

You’ll experience being less judgmental of yourself and others.

Find ways to live life from the heart and be more loving.

Greater Sense of Peace

You’ll feel more at peace, and able to return to your “center” more quickly.

Find ways to alleviate the stress in your life, manage your anger, get better sleep, feel more spiritual and centered. 

Being More Mindful

You’ll go about your days more mindfully, and with more purpose.

Learn to turn to the breath whenever you need to. Learn to lead a more mindful life.

As part of the course, you will be able to have access to the on-demand course, get support from the Facebook group, and even participate in weekly guided meditation calls, as well as participate in Q & A sessions. 

Still, you can participate in a physical retreat at the end of the course.

learn to meditate
learn to meditate
learn to meditate
learn to meditate

Questions? Call Cynthia at (828) 356-5586

Mindset Delta Meditation Course

About Cynthia

Cynthia is a spiritual blogger, author, artist, entrepreneur and a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher.  

Cynthia first encountered meditation in 2002 and started her practice regularly in 2008 as part of her spiritual journey. She discovered that meditation really helped to alleviate the stress and anxiety she felt while living the challenges of modern life.  

When the people around her started noticing how calm she remained in stressful situations, they started asking about her “secret.”  

Cynthia now is the owner of Intuitive and Spiritual and creator of the Mindset Delta Meditation Course. She writes about meditation and mindfulness for various sites, as well as leads meditation sessions in her community.  

Cynthia has a master’s degree in the educational field and brings her love of teaching into her meditation instruction.  


Some of Cynthia's students, shares about their experiences with the course.

Find YOUR Zen.  

Change your life in 2019.  

Learn to meditate in a course that is an online retreat, participate in guided meditations and more.  

 Learn to meditate with Cynthia.